Cleo Green

Major: Apparel, Merchandising, and Design (Fashion)
Company/Organization: Des Moines Art Center
Company/Organization website:
Destination: Des Moines, Iowa
Timeframe: Spring 2024
Advisor/Coordinator Email:


I am the Studio Education Intern. My responsibilities include helping the studio program at the Art Center strengthen its textiles, fibers, and fashion classes. I have been doing this by creating a more functional studio space for fibers-related classes, by organizing and helping to re-envision the layout of the studios. I create samples with the sewing machines, and other fibers equipment to use as examples of their use and functions. I also assist the teaching faculty in sewing classes as a studio assistant.


My greatest accomplishment during my internship experience is simply having a job within the arts industry at a company that I love. The Art Center is a museum with free admission, and a school for studio art education, it is very valuable to the community. I am from Des Moines and grew up going there all the time, so it is a very full circle moment for me.

Learning experience

The greatest lesson I have had is gaining knowledge about the ins and outs of art education and the role it plays in communities. The Art Center has a big education department that offers classes to all age groups. It is amazing to see the happiness and positivity art brings to members of my community. This internship sparked my interest in arts education, so the learning experience has been very valuable.

What advice would you give?

My advice for future students is to go for internships even if it's a long shot, you never know what opportunities will come.

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