Financing a Graduate Degree

Iowa State University and the Graduate College knows that financial assistance is a crucial part of attaining your advanced degree.

This is why we provide multiple ways to support you as we’ve partnered with the Council of Graduate Schools.

Expenses You May Encounter:

Assistance with Educational Expenses Include:

  • *Graduate Assistantships – Approximately 80% of Iowa State University Ph.D. students and 35% of master’s students receive a paid assistantship appointment including teaching, research, or program administration assistantships. (Percentages can differ greatly among disciplines.
    • Workday for Graduate Assistants – in July 2019, Iowa State began using Workday, a new software system for finances, payroll and human resources. The Graduate College is committed to making sure graduate assistants are aware of what this transition means for them
  • Bridge Funding: Arrival of New Child – graduate assistants, predocs, and postdocs who are the primary caregiver may request up to six weeks of funding for the arrival of a new child
  • Employment – including on- and off-campus jobs
  • Financial Aid – including grants and loans
  • Diane Brandt Scholarship for Women – financial assistance for women in science, engineering, math, and other fields in which women have traditionally been underrepresented
  • Federally-sponsored opportunities – opportunities for graduate students in STEM fields
  • Funding for Short-Term Incapacitation – graduate assistants and postdoctoral scholars can request funding in the event of a short-term illness or injury
  • Jackson Award and McNair Scholarship – one of eight federally funded TRIO programs designed to identify and provide services for individuals from marginalized backgrounds