Funding Your Future

Several College of Human Sciences scholarships for graduate students can help you advance your career and overall human experience.

For department-level scholarships, check with your academic department to learn the criteria and how to apply for those awards.

CHS Scholarship Application Deadline

  • New students: March 1
  • Continuing students: March 1


If you are a current graduate student or have been admitted to a graduate program in the College of Human Sciences, complete the following steps to submit your application:

  1. Fill out the application below.
  2. Complete any other applicable documents such as FAFSA, a recommendation letter or related experience.

More information on Iowa State University’s scholarship opportunities.

Graduate Student Scholarship Application

Before submitting your application, visit the Graduate Scholarships page. Additional application requirements may exist, depending on your program. Submission of this application does not guarantee you will be considered for a scholarship if other criteria are not met. Consult with the contact person in your academic program to learn more. Office phone numbers and other contact information can be found at Questions regarding the selection process and your status in it should be directed to your academic department/school graduate programs assistant.

  • Current Address

  • Iowa State University ID#

    Please enter a number from 100000000 to 999999999. Middle 9 digits on your ISUCard. New Students without an ID please use 100000000.
  • Email Address

    All correspondence will be sent to your ISU e-mail account ( Your alternate e-mail address will only be used if you have not yet been assigned a net-id. If you do not have an ISU E-mail, please enter your alternate e-mail in both fields below.
  • Degree Information

  • Past and Current Education

  • Additional Information

    Please upload any additional information such as: Other universities attended; work experience; professional memberships; presentations at professional meetings; publications; honors and awards. The information you provide should be as detailed as possible.
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    Max. file size: 8 MB.
    • Please keep response to 200 words or less
    • Additional Criteria

      Most scholarships are based on academic accomplishments; however, some scholarships have other criteria. Please check statements in this section that apply to you to be considered for those awards. Please use the other box to type in your answers if more than one area applies to you.
    • For Continuing Students

      Arrange for the submission of a substantive statement by your adviser or major professor regarding your performance in the graduate program, including scholarly accomplishments, progress in research, and other reasons why you are deserving of a CHS graduate scholarship. Have the letter sent directly to the address below that matches your department/school:
    • Electronic Signature

      The inclusion of your ISU ID# and net-id on this application will serve as your electronic signature. By submitting this application, you are verifying the information on the application is truthful and accurate.