LaShawnda Beasley

Major: Dietetics
Class: Senior
Type of Experience: Dietetic Internship Ghana Community Rotation
Program: Community Dietetics Rotation in Rural Ghana
Destination: Ghana

Overall Experience

My experience was incredible! I learned so much during my time in Ghana. To be an African-American and to have this amazing opportunity to learn about Ghana's history, culture, and beliefs, I am very grateful and will remember my time there for many years to come! In fact, I hope to return in the future! I felt so welcomed!

Memorable experience

Visiting the Cape Coast Castle was the most memorable. As an African-American who is familiar with the Middle Passage and the history that follows, it was really a knowledgable and an incredible experience to be able to tour the castle and learn about the history of one of the Middle Passage beginnings. Taking part in the preparation of Ghanaian food was also a very memorable experience. I truly felt like I was a Ghanaian!

What advice would you give?

Remember to keep an open mind and to respect one another's culture. Embrace change and be ready to learn something new about yourself and about people you come in contact with.

How has this experience impacted your life?

Completing this experience helped me solidify how I want to advance in my career in dietetics. I plan to start my own non-profit and expose youth to the health field and different cultures. I want to continue to travel and the young people will join me to help those in need. We would help those in need by providing nutrition and wellness education, completing scientific research, or providing necessities to the people we serve in order to help improve the health and well-being of the community.

How did you learn about this experience?

I learned about this experience through Iowa State's Dietetic Internship website.

International Connections