Lindsay Ebeling

Major: Kinesiology and health
Class: Junior
Timeframe: January 2018-May 2018
Type of Experience: Semester Abroad
Destination: Italy

Overall Experience

Diving into my study abroad experience was the most impactful part of my college experience! I am happy to bring home a piece of Italy in my heart, and share all my experiences to "ooh" and "ahhh" about with friends and family. Before this experience I had never known much about travel, but throughout this past semester I visited 17 cities and 6 countries all throughout Europe. The world is such a big place, and i'm so so happy I got to see a small fraction of it on my time abroad!

Learning experience

One big learning experience I had was learning to live my day to day life without a strict agenda, especially while I was traveling. I remember always having much more fun on my weekends traveling when my friends when we didn't have time constraints and decided to explore on a whim instead.

Memorable experience

My most memorable experience from my study abroad was spring break in Greece with all of my friends I made abroad. I will never forget spending my week exploring all the beaches and breathtaking views that the island of Mykonos has to offer, and eating all the gyros my belly could take!

What did you not expect?

One thing I didn't expect was to adapt to a new language so quickly. At first, learning Italian in 4 months seemed like such an unrealistic goal, but by the end of my study abroad I had picked up much more of the language than I ever expected. Now I am much more willing to pick up new skills, and try new things!

What advice would you give?

A few things I would recommend to other students are to plan early to fit their study abroad experience in with their 4 year plan of classes, save up money, and don't waste a single second while you are abroad because some day you'll wish you could have it back!

How has this experience impacted your life?

I simply cannot convey the personal and intellectual growth I experienced in my last few months 'across the pond'. My eyes have been opened to be more sympathetic for those who are newcomers within my culture, just like I was a stranger in a foreign country not too long ago. I believe this will help me in my future in the medical field when I encounter people from all walks of life.

How did you learn about this experience?

I discovered John Cabot University in Rome by stopping into the Study Abroad Center. I had no clue where I wanted to go, but the student advisors there guided me into finding the right school that was right for me!

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