We have a number of college-level resources designed for you, our faculty and staff. The red box to the left will provide you with full details of each area by clicking on the dark red rectangular box. Below is a brief overview of what each area offers.

  • Building and Facilities: Find and reserve computer labs, technology-enhanced rooms, and audio/video studios
  • Career Services Office:  In partnership with faculty and staff, we connect students with relevant resources and equip them with knowledge and tools to explore majors, make career decisions, and seek internship and post-graduate opportunities.
  • Communications Resources: Your storytellers, marketers and information conduits, our communications’ team is here to help get the word out whether you’re trying to reach students or your colleagues.
  • Councils and Committees: Get involved, gain experience and help provide leadership to the college in strategic areas.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We respect and celebrate the unique attributes, characteristics, and perspectives that make each person who they are because diversity strengthens our Iowa State community.
  • Endowed Positions: Explore the details of our endowed positions within the college.
  • Honors: Mentor an honors student that will assist in your research, teach an honors seminar in your area, offer an honors’ component in your courses and more!
  • Finance and Human Resources: Information about finance and human resource processes.
  • Governance: College of Human Sciences governance document
  • International Programs Office: From leading a study-abroad program to securing funding for an international activity, the International Programs Office is here to help.
  • Key Initiatives & Strategic Plan: Learn about key initiatives within the college and the details of our strategic plan.
  • Policies and Forms: Budgeting, hiring, evaluations, procurement, tenure and more can be found in the policies and forms section.
  • Pre-Award Grant Services: Our research enterprise is here to support all researchers in the College of Human Sciences. Be sure to connect and learn more about pre-award grant services as well as all the additional services available here.
  • Technology Resources: We have two central units that provide technical support and services to faculty and staff.