Asha Sandhu

In the future, Asha plans to work as a clinical dietitian. When she isn’t studying, Asha enjoys cooking, exercising, and exploring nature.

Get to know Asha

  • Major: Dietetics
  • Class: Sophomore
  • Hometown: Iowa City, Iowa (Johnson County)
  • Career goal: Clinical dietition
  • Clubs/activities: The SHOP Food Panty, Student Dietetic Association, Food Science and Human Nutrition learning community peer mentor, general chemistry supplemental instruction leader 
  • Awards/honors: Dean’s list, Multicultural Student Vision Program scholar, top 2% of class
  • Favorite place on campus: Bessey Hall commons
  • Most influential ISU mentor: Anne Oldham
  • Favorite class: CHEM 231, Elementary Organic Chemistry
  • Why Iowa State: Financial aid, beautiful campus, and great dietetics program

Asha Sandhu breaks down unrealistic diet standards, volunteers in student organizations

Asha Sadhu immediately felt at home on Iowa State’s campus during her visit. When evaluating her college decision, the Multicultural Vision Program at Iowa State helped sealed the deal for her. 

“I got accepted into the Multicultural Vision Program, which is a four-year, full-tuition scholarship,” Asha said. “I was sold on the university and grateful for the financial aid they offered me.” 

When it came time to decide on a major, Asha looked at a list of all the majors offered at Iowa State—starring ones that were of interest to her. She decided on dietetics after researching the multiple career paths the degree allows for. 

“I wanted to pursue helping people fuel their bodies in a more meaningful way to make their lives better,” Asha said. 

After being personally impacted by the effects of nutrition and overall health, Asha desires to help others be their best selves by fueling their body well. 

“I wasn’t naturally someone who just always liked making food. It was kind of an intentional thing,” Asha said. “I saw how it made my life better, and I thought it would be interesting to be able to do that for other people as well.” 

Since being on campus, Asha regularly volunteers at, student-run food pantry, The SHOP (Students Helping Our Peers).

“I got involved with [The SHOP] because I wanted to experience nutrition in more of a community sense,” Asha said.

The SHOP, located on campus, works to serve the student population through increasing hunger awareness and food security. Students can get involved through volunteering, donating non-perishable food items and toiletries, or giving monetary contributions. 

“It’s a really easy club to get involved in, and it means a lot to students on campus,” Asha said.  

After graduation, Asha plans to pursue a master’s in dietetics—looking forward to being a voice for change in the field. 

“Something that really excites me about dietetics is the way the field is changing right now,” Asha said. “Currently, we are fighting diet culture, trying to break down standards, and prioritizing health at every size.”

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