Like Kellogg’s Rice Krispie Treats? Thank a Cyclone!

Mildred Day is a 1928 graduate in home economics. She then went to work for Kellogg’s where she tested recipes and traveled throughout the nation conducting cooking schools for Kellogg’s customers.

Sources say Mildred Day and co-worker, Malitta Jensen, created the Rice Krispies Treat as we know it today. And, that today’s recipe was possibly inspired by an earlier recipe that used puffed wheat and molasses.

Ahead of her time as a professional in the field and an innovator who helped create an iconic confection, Mildred blazed a path that’s still being followed by today’s students. Anastasia Frazee graduated 92 years after Mildred and went to work for Kellanova – where she worked in a Kellogg’s kitchen on Rice Krispie Treats holiday minis and treat sheets. She’s also created several new flavors of Pop-Tarts.

Whether you make Rice Krispie treats using Kellogg’s recipe, put your own spin on the classic, or buy them at the store, Rice Krispie treats – and many food products we know and love – have been created by Cyclones in the College of Human Sciences.