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Dean’s List

Congratulations to the following ISU 4U Promise students who have made the Dean’s List at ISU!

  • Spring 2021: Madison Baxter (Psychology), Breana Petersen (Psychology), Somerle Rhiner (Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies)
  • Fall 2020: Madison Baxter (Psychology), Breana Petersen (Psychology), Somerle Rhiner, 
  • Spring 2020: Madison Baxter (Psychology), Breana Petersen (Psychology), Somerle Rhiner (Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies), and Denisse San Elias (Kinesiology and Health)
  • Fall 2019: Madison Baxter (Psychology)

In the Spotlight

Darrick Burrage & Grandma Mojo’s
(Rising Senior, Performing Arts Major)

Darrick (standing, 3rd from the right) and the Grandma Mojo’s comedy improv crew on the night of their last show of the semester.

How have you been involved with Grandma Mojo’s?
I have been involved in Grandma Mojo’s, an on campus student improv comedy group, since my freshman year of college. Additionally, I am a part of the ISU Theater community and regularly become involved in productions of all kinds throughout the school year.

Have you always been drawn to the performing arts?
Absolutely. At an early age, I fell in love with television and film. As years went by, I became embodied with the idea of being on the very screens I was glued to. Now in college at Iowa State, my admiration of the performing arts hasn’t left whatsoever. I am the president of Grandma Mojo’s where we do regular shows for live audiences throughout the school year. Mojo’s has easily been the highlight of my years in college as it gives me the chance to showcase all my performance skills while providing laughs and a good time for our audience. My involvement in ISU’s Theater Arts program has allowed for me to follow in my high school self’s footsteps in a more professional environment surrounded by likeminded individuals with different, fantastic skill sets. These opportunities have paved the way for opportunities in my life such as my involvement in the Des Moines Playhouse based production “nature of the dream.” “Nature” was my first real feature length film acting experience, and it made me feel as if I truly accomplished the dreams of myself at an early age of being in film.

What is it about performing that you love?
In terms of live theater, I love the ability to bring words on paper into life. Learning everything you can about a character just through their dialogue and figuring out how to wrap your own mind around them and slowly but surely become the character as an actor is an incredible experience. What I love about performing improv is the endless possibilities that one can find to get the audience behind the performance. With comedic timing and packing, storytelling, character development, so many things draw in our audience’s attention which helps us as performers to truly provide the best experience.

How have your experiences at ISU helped to nurture and expand your gifts?
ISU’s area performance arts are all in professional climates. Grandma Mojo’s does live comedy shows with professional lighting and sound technology that really raises the bar on our performance. ISU Theater puts forth incredible sets, sound, lighting, costuming – all aspects of theater that bring it to the professional level that you would see on a big theater stage in New York. 

King’s 5th Grade Promotion¬†

King Elementary School held a 5th grade promotion ceremony at Evelyn K Davis Park with families and community partners in the audience to cheer and congratulate the students. see more>>

King Elementary Honors Shari Miller with Partnership Award

Shari Miller, program specialist in the School of Education and coordinator in the ISU 4U Promise partnership, was honored with the inaugural King Partnership of the Year Award by King Elementary School in Des Moines. read more>>

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