ISU 4U Promise Tuition Award

Years of EnrollmentTuition Award
 1 20%
 2 40%
 3 60%
 4 80%
 5 100%

To receive the ISU 4U Promise tuition award from Iowa State University, students must graduate fifth grade from King or Moulton elementary schools*, stay in the district, and go on to graduate from a DMPS high school. The award will depend on the number of years students attend King or Moulton. For each full year spent at King or Moulton, students will be eligible to receive a 20% tuition award to Iowa State University. For example, a child who enrolls at King at the beginning of second grade, will be eligible for an 80% tuition award at Iowa State University, because he or she will be enrolled at King for four total years.

*in 2014 or later


Here is an overview of participation expectations for your child:

Elementary School

  • Attend regularly and positively engage in the school environment.
  • Make and work toward academic goals each year.

Fifth Grade

  • Complete fifth grade at King or Moulton.
  • Submit Des Moines Public Schools’┬árelease form┬áso ISU can access basic enrollment information.

Middle School

  • Attend regularly and positively engage in the school environment to ensure high school readiness.
  • Take classes that will prepare for success in high school.
  • Engage in the DMPS/ISU 4U Promise Team communication hub (contact your counselor or the ISU 4U Promise office to be added)

High School

  • Attend regularly and positively engage in the school environment to ensure college readiness.
  • Take classes that meet the admissions requirements to Iowa State University. (4 years English/language arts, 3 years math, 3 years science, 2 years social studies) .
  • Continue to engage through the DMPS/ISU 4U Promise communication hub

11th Grade

12th Grade

  • Submit your application to Iowa State University, and be admitted for undergraduate studies.
  • If eligible, file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) starting Oct. 1 of your 12th-grade year.
  • Look for other scholarships at ISU and in your community that can be combined with the ISU 4U Promise tuition award.

As part of the ISU 4U Promise, Iowa State will work closely with you, Des Moines Public Schools and DMPS teachers as well as with organizations in the King and Moulton neighborhoods to help prepare your student to meet these expectations.

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