Frequently Asked Questions

When did the program begin?

The program began in 2013 when ISU President Steven Leath made an announcement. Students completing fifth grade at King or Moulton beginning in the 2013-2014 school year are eligible for the tuition award.

How does a child enroll?

Parents or guardians of King and Moulton 5th graders will be asked to submit this online release form during their student’s 5th grade year. After taking the ACT as a junior, ISU 4U Promise eligible students will apply for admission to Iowa State University. 

What does a tuition award cover? What expenses are not covered?

A tuition award covers the cost of taking classes. Room, board, books, and other ISU fees are not included.

What if a child leaves the DMPS district?

If a child leaves the DMPS district, they will no longer be eligible for the tuition award.

What if my child gets another scholarship?

The tuition award may be combined with non-ISU scholarships or financial aid. If the youth is awarded another ISU scholarship, he or she will need to choose.

Are there programs to help make sure we’re ready?

Yes! Please call the ISU 4U Promise office or Polk County Extension and Outreach office if you have questions.

Can we email or call you in Spanish?

Yes! We have staff who speak Spanish.

Do ISU 4U Promise Scholars have different admission requirements from other students applying to Iowa State University?

No. ISU 4U Promise Scholars must satisfy the same admission requirements as any other students applying to ISU. 

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