Congratulations on receiving an offer! Don’t rush back with an answer right away. Thank the company for the offer and find out when they need a response. Take time to evaluate the job offer and consider these important factors:

  • Geographic location of office
  • Access to public transportation
  • Health insurance benefits
  • Vacation and sick leave
  • Size of organization
  • Company culture
  • Promotion opportunities or career path options
  • Travel opportunities
  • Salary offered

Accepting Job Offers and Continuing to Job Seek 

It is in poor professional form to continue to job search after a job offer has been accepted. Employers take a harsh view of a student who accepts a position and later declines. This is called “reneging.”

Acceptance of a job offer constitutes ceasing all job searching activities including further resume submission, interviewing, etc. If you are not prepared to go to work for the company that makes a job offer, respectfully decline the offer in a timely manner and continue job searching.

Human Sciences Career Services is happy to advise students as it relates to issues of job searching, negotiation, and accepting/declining offers. Talk with us about your options.

Researching Salaries

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