Up to $3,500 for each student for a total of four awards.

The Heddleson Spring and Summer Internships Program is designed to support student experiences that:

  • Prepare individuals for a career in Extension or community outreach.
  • Help individuals learn and gain hands-on experience with Extension educational programming and delivery.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Exploring employment with Iowa State Human Sciences Extension and Outreach
  • Has community-focused, demonstrated, successful experience in community service learning projects (either through coursework or volunteer experience)
  • Enjoys working with people and building teams and partnerships

Intern Benefits

  • Work in a professional team atmosphere associated with educational program development and delivery
  • Work with a  diverse (age, gender, economic class, ethnic) audience at the community level
  • Become familiar with county extension office procedures, responsibilities, and staff
  • Develop skills in time management and prioritizing
  • Participate in a high-performing system where staff and community volunteers work closely to achieve common goals
  • Participate in network that will provide a variety of experiences, mentoring, feedback, and clear communications throughout the internship


The applicant must:

  • Be enrolled in an academic department/major within the College of Human Sciences (Apparel, Events, and Hospitality Management; School of Education; Food Science and Human Nutrition; Human Development and Family Studies; or Kinesiology).
  • Be an undergraduate student that has earned at least 60 credit hours (classified as junior or senior) or be at graduate student status at time of internship.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Desire the challenge of working in collaboration with an extension program specialist on a project related to family life, nutrition and wellness, and/or family finance — project should involve assistance with program development, implementation, or evaluation.
  • Have already initiated conversations with individual extension program specialist about interest in an extension project in a designated county for 6 weeks.
  • Be eligible to receive the grant only once in college career.
  • Provide own housing and operable vehicle; also have a valid driver’s license.


Laura Heddleson made a monetary gift to the Iowa State College of Human Sciences to support students interested in work with Iowa State Human Sciences Extension and Outreach, an area to which she dedicated most of her career. She grew up on a farm near Strawberry Point, Iowa. In 1932, she earned her bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University in home economics, and in 1936, she transitioned into work with Cooperative Extension. She was a home demonstration agent in Mahaska County, teaching women in their homes how to sew, clean and preserve foods. Over the years, she worked with extension in Iowa, Illinois, and Kentucky. She retired in 1970 after more than 34 years in the profession.

To Apply

A support form filled out by the program specialist indicating willingness to work with you is required. They can fill out and submit this support form online.


Submit the application by 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 15 for spring internships and April 1 for summer internships.

Procedure for Selection

  • The Program Director for Human Sciences Extension and Outreach will appoint a committee (two-year term) to review the applications and make recommendations.
  • The committee will include representation from HSEO campus faculty, campus Professional and Scientific staff, and a program specialist in the field.
  • The committee will evaluate the applications and forward recommendations, in rank order, to the Program Director. Then, grantees will be notified.

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