Financial Resources

A study abroad program may be more affordable than you think! Consider the options on the programs page for your major as soon as possible, and review the budget sheet for each program to understand more about estimated program costs. Budget sheets are divided into two parts: estimated U-bill charges and estimated out-of-pocket expenses. It is never too early to start saving money, and you should start exploring your grant, scholarship, and financial aid options as soon as possible.

Funding Opportunities

The College of Human Sciences offers a wide variety of grants and scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students studying abroad and participating in international activities.

Office of Student Financial Aid

You may be able to use your Iowa State University financial aid package to fund your study abroad experience. The Office of Student Financial Aid will receive a list of students committed to participate in a program, and each student’s aid will be adjusted to assist with the expenses listed in the program budget sheet at ISUAbroad. All expenses listed on the ISUAbroad budget sheet are eligible for financial aid. You are encouraged to set up an appointment with a financial aid advisor to understand your financial resources for participating in a study abroad program. 


Scholarships Administered by the College of Human Sciences:

Scholarships Administered by Iowa State University Offices:

Additional International Scholarship Resources from Outside of Iowa State:

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