Withdrawals and Refunds

If you have committed to your place on a College of Human Sciences study abroad program through ISUAbroad, but you can no longer participate, you will need to officially withdraw from the program. 

The first step is to review the College of Human Sciences Study Abroad Participation Agreement that you signed electronically as part of your ISUAbroad application. It includes the full withdrawal policy for programs coordinated by the college.

After you have reviewed the participation agreement, e-mail chsintl@iastate.edu to discuss your withdrawal and to request the required “Request for Withdrawal from and International Program” form.

Please note that most withdrawals will result in a financial penalty. In addition to a withdrawal fee, you are also responsible for all non-recoverable program payments the college is obligated to make on your behalf. In the case of a medical withdrawal only, the College of Human International Programs Office will negotiate with the relevant program partners to seek a refund, but there is no guarantee any expenses can be recovered. Any charges will be applied to your U-bill.


If there is a balance in the study abroad program account after payment of all expenses, participants who complete the program are entitled to a credit on their U-bills. Ninety percent of the balance will be equally divided and refunded, and the remaining 10 percent of program fees will be applied to the program contingency for future offerings.

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