CHS Faculty and Staff Award Information

College faculty and staff awards are given to honor outstanding faculty and staff in the College of Human Sciences.

Nomination process. Each department’s Honors and Awards Committee nominates faculty and staff for awards. Staff members not associated with an academic department may be nominated either by a department committee or by individual faculty or staff members. All nominations should be routed through the appropriate department or unit representative on the College Honors and Awards committee.

The department’s Honors and Awards Committee, in collaboration with the nominees, prepares nomination packets for each candidate. The nomination packets are submitted to the College Honors and Awards Committee for review. A full nomination packet must be submitted for the nominee to be considered by the College Honors and Awards Committee.

Selection process. The College Honors and Awards Committee reviews the materials and makes award recommendations, which it submits to the Dean for final approval. The College Honors and Awards Committee reserves the right to not recommend any nominee for an award.

A total of 20 faculty and staff awards are offered by the College of Human Sciences.

Awards Offered by the College of Human Sciences

Excellence in Advancement of Student Success

Distinguished teaching

Outstanding advising and mentoring

Online instruction

Excellence in Transformative Research and Engaged Scholarship

Research excellence

Extension or professional practice

International service

Excellence in Leadership in Community Building and Service

Inclusive excellence

Distinguished service

Professional and Scientific Awards 

Research excellence or distinguished teaching

Distinguished service and operations


First Tuesday in February by 11:59pm: Contact the respective departmental representative for additional guidelines and information related to submission, such as internal deadlines for review and submission. Award nominators and letter writers should collaborate with department representatives to secure award materials and assemble nomination packets. College award submissions must be routed through the department committee for consideration.