Term Faculty Distinguished Service Award

Objective: To recognize exemplary service to students in the form of teaching and/or supervision.

Eligibility: Term faculty employed in Iowa State University’s College of Human Sciences for at least six semesters. Nominee must have taught at least six courses within the past five academic years. Recipients must be Iowa State employees at the time of the College of Human Sciences Awards Ceremony.

Amount of award: $500

Number of awards: One per year, although the College of Human Sciences Awards Committee reserves the right to not select any recipient in a given year.

Criteria: Selection is based on evidence of exemplary service to students.


  1. Submissions must be in .pdf form and submitted via email to chsaward-submit@iastate.edu by 11:59pm on the first Tuesday in February. Please name your PDF file “Award title, Last name of nominee” before submitting it (ex: Term Faculty Distinguished Service Award, Lee).
  2. Complete the nomination form.
  3. All letters should be on relevant letterhead, addressed to the College of Human Sciences Faculty and Staff Awards Committee, and signed by letter writer. Nominations for this award may be submitted by an individual or employing unit. Letters should be written specifically for the nomination.
  4. Nominating letter: A nominating letter of no more than three pages, describing why this person deserves the award. Cite specific examples.
  5. Curriculum vitae/resume
  6. Partner letter: Author must be someone who has partnered in efforts in which the nominee has engaged.
  7. Letters from colleagues and students: Include at least four letters of no more than one page each. Two letters should come from the nominee’s colleagues and two letters should be written by the nominee’s students. All letters should focus on the nominee’s contributions and contribution to students’ professional growth.
  8. Evaluative data: Include evaluative data related to the nominee’s work, including students’ evaluations.